Our Suppliers

Meet our friends; our local suppliers and producers

We’re a community county pub and so have always been centered around celebrating the incredible people and local suppliers and producers that keep our larder stocked full of the best fresh and seasonal ingredients. There are too many to mention everyone, but here are some of our closest friends…

Tom Hooper – Red Ruby Devon Cows

Grass fed Red Ruby Devon beef simply can’t be beaten for marbling, texture, flavour and tenderness and our friend Tom Hooper keeps our kitchen well-supplied with bountiful beef from his prize cows. We receive the cow whole and then butcher the meat ourselves so it’s an impressive sight when we get our delivery.

John Rosewood – Homegrown Vegetables

We try and grow as much as we can but we always look forward to when our friend John arrives with his boxes of fresh British vegetables. From beetroot to kale, he always arrives with a colourful selection for our chefs to pick and choose from.

Greenslades – Day Boat Fish

Every Friday our team get up before the crack of dawn with containers chock full of ice and drive down to Poole Harbour to see what Greenslades have brought in that morning. Dover, sole, turbot or scallops – whatever we bring back means we always have the freshest fish and seafood ready for the weekend.

Our neighbours – Local Game

Shooting and fishing our part of life here in Tollard Royal and we’re always receiving wonderful fresh game from neighbours and gamekeepers from nearby estates after they’ve enjoyed a good day’s shoot. Nine times out of ten whether it’s rabbits, deer or pigeons, you’ll find something hanging outside our kitchen waiting to be prepared.


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